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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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say she was. instead, she says, she was caught scratching her hip. now, the catholic diocese of arlington sent us a statement that says in part: the parish will continue to work with police and hopes the accused will provide full restitution for what was taken. once again, she was very upset when we talk to her by phone, sandra courtis, she said that she did not steel this money. she wishes that the church would have come to her and talk to her about this, police, though, they have a different story were notified the monday way missing, came here, they set up a surveillance operation, and that is when they say they caught courtis stealing the money. they won't say how much, they won't say for how long we know she volunteered for about a year, but still many questions here tonight. mat at lynn, fox5 local news.
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to finds a missing teenager in stafford, police say the unmanned aircraft spotted the teen less than five hours after he was reported missing. >> here's fox5 tisha lewis. >> stafford county sheriff's offers says this is the first time this drone has been used here, to successfully locate a missing person. the department has four of these drones, and they say, that it is just yet a sign of the times, of how technology is being used to impact policing. >> it became apparent that the people that were at mount new high school would benefit from having an aerial perspective, especially as night fallow kurd, because the unmanned aircraft system has censor technology that enables it to see in darkness. the call first came in around 5:00 p.m. and the drone team was activated around 8:00 p.m. and the subject was located by
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about 9:30 p.m. >> all of this went down monday night, whether a 18 year old mountain view high school student never made it home after school was dismissed. police were called and captain ben worser says this drone was launched in moments the operator pick up athermal image that ultimately proofed to be the miss teen in the far southwest portion of the campus near the track. >> i feel as though we would have found the subject, but perhaps it would have taken a lot longer. maybe not even until daylight broke. >> and it seems a lot more resources? >> yes. >> we're told there is no drone video of the actual discovery. even if there was, says it would show gray and red dots, dots that directed drone team members and deputies to the area where the missing student was found unharmed. >> that's fantastic. i have a teenager, and so if she was lost, you know, i would want them to do absolutely anything they could to f
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>> if we got to find them, if that's what it takes, that is what we need to do, the parents must be worried, so if this child is missing fan that's what it takes to find this child, then yes, absolutely. >> these drones cost about $2,000 each. once the software is added, including the thermal recognition software, it can run anywhere between 15 and $20,000 appears. tisha lewis, fox5 local news. all right, is the district just a big speed trap? many of you have said yes. really frequent of complaint of people driving through dc. >> for many years district officials have defended the program saying they enforce the law. but now one local lawmaker is calling foul demands to go know if the cameras are supposed to cut down on speeding or simply in place as a major revenue source. >> fox5's tom fitzgerald has the answer tonight on k street northwest. there is a question, comes down to is this fair? >> i don't know if i have the answer, but we have a lot of questions about this one
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take a look at this. this is one of the red light cameras here at k and 25th northwest. the reason we're here is because this neighborhood is generated a whole lot of questions about the camera systems in general, specifically, the ones way down in this tunnel down here. this is where washington circle goes underneath the circle, and a lot of people start speeding up in that area. and a lot of people have been getting particular nets this area. these are dc drivers, remember, not people who live out of the area and complaining about the local district laws. why is this important? well, councilwoman mary has identified 14 cameras in this city that generate over a million dollars a year. understanded, there are 98 cameras throughout the district, they have pulled in in all $100 million. so what happens if they look at these? they decide to move some of them, decide to get rid of them? even if they were to cut that $100 million in half, councilwoman chase says they
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money somewhere, but she thinks if they need to do it, it is the right thing to do. >> could we make it up? yes, we could. but here is the thing. and your question provocks me on this point: i want an explanation for these cameras if they can be explained, fine. but i want an explanation, because i don't want the public to think that we're trying to, you know, steel their money. >> all right, this has been an ongoing problem. understanded, it is not the first time a council member has said that they're going to look into this. but this is a little bit different. these are complaints that are coming from dc residents. not people of virginia. not people in maryland. and why that is key, the councilwoman says she has questioned about this. she want to know if cameras are placed fairly. are they too high? are they too low? is there sign and there that lets drivers know what they needo
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to do it. what are the biggest voices about all of this over the years has been the triple a, the automobile club folks. we spoke to john towns end from the group today. he said this time even though pessimistic in past, this time he thinks there is a chance for change. >> this sounds to me like the deck is stacked against the driver. >> that's exactly right. the deck is stacked against the driver. when you have speed limits that are officially too long, for their own ways, in which most of the cameras are placed. >> make money off of those drivers. >> you can make money off drivers. >> now, here is the thing. you don't need to be caught surprised by these cameras. there are ways to find out where they are. one of them, the app, ways, you can download it on your phone, you can find out where these things are, it will talk to you as you drive and tell you when you're coming up on these things. also, dc's department o
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transportation, they've got a comprehensive website. this is it right here. it has a map laying out each and everyone of these cameras throughout the district, you don't need to be surprised by this, you don't need to run into these finds and incur all of this money. so where does this go from here? welshing councilwoman chase says that she sent off this letter, hasn't gotten an answer back yet, we should tell you that. once she does, she will look at the data. she may decide later on whether or not they need to holds a round of hearings about what's going on with these cameras. live on k street tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. ten new road project are coming to i66 in northern virginia, when all is said and done it, will help move about 5,000 more people through the corridor during rush hour. series of ongoing improvement are expected where i66 meets express lanes, the highway will also be wide ends, eastbound, from the dullos toll road to boston. governor of virginia says they're focused on reducing congestion
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way. >> presently our cars are going to take advantage of our new carpool options, getting on the new bus lanes. we've got three new bus routes, expanding two bus routes. so we will make it much more convenient for people to get out of their cars, 4,000 spaces we're building, and to be able to get not in a car but out of that, we're doing carpools. >> these project are expected to cost virginia close to $10 million. all right, coming up: the latest on the massive devestation in mexico. >> the ertz to save a school girl stuck under a pile every rubble. >> maria knocking out power to the entire island. next we talk to maryland woman who was visiting puerto rico and lived through the powerful storm. >> the very latest on what's happening now with hurricane maria. but i can tell you they're expecting catostrophic flashflooding because of the huge amount of rain that hurricane maria has been able to produce. it made landfall 6:15 this morning, now the center of circulation is off the islands, still getting the back sid
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we'll let you know where maria is going next. fox5 local news at 5:00 will be right back. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> hurricane maria tears through puerto rico. we'll have the latest own the aftermath. next step in rename ago local high school to remove its ties for the con fed rasi. will they be successful? star studded morning. don't miss when david mccarthy sit down tomorrow on fox knife news morning.
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this is monumental. we continue to track that massive devestation in mexico, at last check, 225 people are dead after that magnitude 7.1 earthquake, struck mexico city yesterday. >> and tonight rescue and emergency crews are
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frantically combing through the rubble, looking for survivors, of mexico's deadliest earthquake since 1985. police firefighters as well as citizens working around the clock to find survivors, scores of buildings destroyed, including homes, schools, office buildings making rescue effort even more difficult, more than 40% of mexico city without power tonight. the massive quake knocked out cell service to thousands of people. >> it also flattens an elementary school in mexico city killing at least 21 children. right now crews are in a race against time to rescue a young girl trapped under the rubble. regulars rescuers saw a hand move and heard her cries for help. the rescuers need silence as they continue to search through the school. >> drone footage in mexico city. thousands ran into the streets in panic when the quake struck, the quake hit two hours avert quake drills were held across the country to mark the 32nd anniversary of quake that killed thousands near acapulco. >> closely watching hurricane maria, puerto rico getting slammed with hurricane force winds
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there is than a month. >> slightly weakening, but still imagine or hurricane. maria hit the southeastern side of puerto rico as category four storm this morning, brought winds of 155 miles per hour and unforgiving rain. officials say the entire islands currently without power. we want to talk to someone who is in puerto rico right now. >> diana at a hospital in san juan, tend to go her mother who had medical emergency. diana, first thing, how is your mother doing right now? i can imagine this is just another problem you're dealing with on top of everything going on with you. >> hi, yes, she is stable right now. it has been very lard to see since the emergency, but very stable, and the staff has been very, very a tentative to all of the patient here today. so for that i'm very grateful. >> and diane, a i think we're seeing pictures you sent into our news room of the hospital where your mother is at t seemed like one of the windows there had broken in, can you talk about the conditions and how the hospital is faring given that majority of the islands now without
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>> yes, everything basically started around 2:00 a.m., and the winds started really picking up. so by, i would say, like between 6:30 and 7:00 that's when i started hearing the door, my mom's room. and it kind of like popped. and that's all the sudden i ran, you know, to the nurse's station, saw get out there immediately. that's what they did. they came and got both patient, my mom and another patient out quickly. the staff like i said is very accommodating, under the circumstances, i know, it has been very hard for them to work, but they've been very accommodating and making sure that all of the patients are very well cared for. for that i'm very, i'll be very ' turnly grateful. but i will be honest with you, i would not wish this on my worsen any. the worse hurricane i've ever been in, i used to live in the islands years ago, and the building was shaking. i was so scared. he was petrified. the only thing that cons
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me is that well if anything were to happen i'm with my mother, you know? you know, if god were to call us he will call us together because i really thought the builds working collapse. >> and somebody -- >> i real did i. >> somebody who has been through hurricanes before, how would you describe the whole preparedness, the whole getting ready for a storm that you knew was coming, but obviously you can't predict the damage it caused? >> yes. i believe they tried to prepare as much as they could. but i do not believe that they would totally prepared for what came. i don't believe that, you know, they really, really felt the seriousness of what was to happen. but i, myself, did not think it was going to be as strong as it was. i mean, it was -- it was strong. >> diana -- >> i'm standing outside now, on sixth floor of the stairwell, and still wind going, but you can see the devestation, the trees are down. but there is people already venturing out, which the local police have told us not to go out to the street. they will be arrested. but there is people venturing ou
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already. devestation here. >> there is, and this is just the city. i can only imagine the mountain area. >> all right, diana. >> i kindly request, you know, if people could donate and sends things over, i would highly appreciate it, because my country really needs everybody right now. >> thank you, we hope your mother gets better. of course sending our well wishes over to puerto rico. of course the big question now is where is maria headed next? of course sue palka here with us. sue, any potential of this coming a little farther toward the east coast, still too soon to tell? >> down the road still going to have to watch it. by down the road i mean next week. but where it is right now, just little bit off the coast of puerto rico. about 25 miles off the coals. but where diana was describing, still the back side in hurricane conditions on the far south side of this hurricane. hurricane maria is the second strongest hurricane to ever hit puerto rico. first, was a cat five. that was in 1928. so, it has been a long time, and
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distressed by what irma was able to do, that was not a direct hit. so category four hit. the trip across the island has weakens it now to category two. it is moving northwest at 12, with winds of 110 miles per hour, big concern now for puerto rico, now that the worse of the winds is over, the rain is incredible, and catostrophic, with 20-25 inches of rain possible. maybe as much as 35, as you notice, i'm not showing you the radar picture out of puerto rico. that was also taken out by the lack of power and the strong winds earlier today. so it will be a while before we get that restored, i'm sure. so going forward, it looks like it is to stays north and east of the dominican republic, that's great. but they could get quite a bit of rain. the turks and caikos, the bahamas, also could get a lot of rain. as you can see, the cone keeps it away from the islands, although certainly they'll have the winds and rain. marina was asking about next week. you can see, monday, it is still out here as a
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forecast a strengthening to category three, which gets it back to up major status, as early as friday. so, still some warm water to be found. we check out these spaghetti mod tolls see what the future of the hurricane may be down the road, and there is some reason to be a little concerned next week to be perfectly honest, jim, marina. most models take it up the east coast, and not showing a landfall. but one or two have kind of started edging these spaghetti models, plots little farther to the west, closer to the coast, and you know we check two mod else in particular very closely, the american model, and the european mod nel red. they keep the storm, again, east of the islands, east of florida, thank god for that. now sunday at 6:00, still pretty good agreement, but look what happens as we go into monday. the american model a little bit faster. we still have got jose out there as a tropical storm. not sure what impact that will have. obviously not landfall here, close enough to some of these outer bands in the europea
5:19 pm
the coast for comfort next week. so, bottom line: we will continue to watch maria. but right now, i don't think we're looking at landfall for the foreseeable future, just huge amount of banged up islands as this thing has been charging across the caribbean, puerto rico getting the most disastrous hit of all, that's for sure. jim, sarah, that's the very latest, we'll have a seven day forecast, your summer day seven day, coming up in a few minutes. by the way, i know you're marina. >> i know you know. >> just a test. thanks, sue. >> coming up, massage therapist charged with sexually assaulting a female client. >> tonight he is facing new charges after yet another victim comes forward with similar accusations. >> i was involved with kevin hart a month ago. since then, my pictures and my name has been released and lies written about me. >> and comedian kevin hart's alleged accuse steps forwards with high powered lawyer. how she is responding to claims she tried to extort money from the funny man. but first here is gary
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>> hey, it is such a beautiful day out here along the georgetown waterfront bike sharing. we all know that. but a new kind of bike sharing is coming to the city. we will explain all about it, chris is behind me, david's behind me. they're going to answer all of the questions coming up after this break. stay with us. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> blondes flew way to get around the district, called spin, like bike share but it is dock less. >> all you need to ride is an app on your phone. this is san francisco company rolled out bikes in the district this week. spin lets you unlock the bikes, and it is a 30 minute trip, cost you about a buck, and then you can lever the bikes anywhere in the city. they'll lock by themselves. the bike designed to there you go automatically lock after you use them, but not everyone seems to be on board with this idea. >> i'm concerned about ck
5:24 pm
pedestrian's path. we have vulnerable users, bicyclists of vulnerable users, and pedestrians of vulnerable users. but promoting bike sibling should not mean that we're praying on other vulnerable users. we need a system that's safe. >> now, despite some concerns, spin is not the only dock bike system, system mo bike is rolling out. >> gary mcgrady checking out all of the new bikes, far i, in the northwest. georgetown waterfront. what's up, gare? >> another extremely challenging assignment, i might add. righting bikes, and talking about it. it is so great out here. i think when i left it was 87 degrees, and it feels every bit that far along the water right now. listen, let me introduce, scott martin, vice president here with mo bike. you guys, that are you introducing today? this is kind of cool? >> this is mo bike. it is a smart
5:25 pm
bike scheme. already in eight countries, 180 cities, and since launching from april last year now have 150 million. >> 150 million? >> 150 million users. >> worlds wide? >> we get 25 million trips a day right now. >> per day? >> per day. and it is a movement. it is really charging the way people move all over the cities? listen, this is the first place to do this in the u.s. (you're using washington, d.c. as your beta site city i guess? >> washington dc is like our showcase for all of the america's. >> like that word better, showcase. >> that's how we see it, has the perfect mix, it has got really tech savvy metropolitan population, perfect city, perfect infrastructure, perfect weather, and it is that famous sit that i we always want to kick off with. so everyone around the whole worlds already working with us or a user or seeing the rest of what we're doing is really seeing us in d.c. >> here is the deal.
5:26 pm
i want to use one of your bikes. i don't want to have to go to the bike stands like we're so familiar with. but what do i need to do? all app based, i know that much. >> vicinal. download the app. >> jamie, she is helping us out. >> okay. >> she has the app. >> got the app there. when you open it up you can see on the map where you are, where the nearest bikes are around you, see the mo bikes there. finds one through the map or bump into and open your app, then you put -- scan the code on your scanning the code right here, it will automatically recognize it. >> then you can use that to open the bike right up with the lock. >> boom. just like. that will that simple. take the bike. use it. now here is the kicker. here is what we're all thinking about. when you're done. >> yes? >> you can technically just leave this bike anywhere right? and so you could. you could technically leave it anywhere. but the whole thing is to educate your users, on the a zero appropriate place toss use the bike in start they start leaving it in places
5:27 pm
>> so the first thing, points based system. you get points for responsible parking. because bikes connected to the internet at all times, gps tracking and they're on the map. bikes being in the right place, firstly very important, very track recall. the second thing is the majority of almost all of our users, they're invested in the scheme, they like using the bikes, look after the system, they use it in a responsible way. very, very obvious to see where the right places are torque park. there is bike parking lot here. >> like this is a great place. this is why we're doing it here, you have responsible bike owners here parking it where the bike lot. here we are here. now we're out of time. i want to say this too. if you don't do it appropriately, correct me if i'm wrong, the rate also show you're not responsible and eventually you may not be able to use the program; correct? >> correct. >> see, there you go. so that's great program. thanks a lot. i wish you all the best. mo bike, see them all a
5:28 pm
i think it will be a great thing. biking in dc, guys, so, so big. all of tours cents here going around different sightseeing spots, i think great spot, especially when it is like eight a degrees in september, it is always nice to be on a bike. thanks a lot, chris. >> thank you very much. >> guys, back to you in the studio. >> gary tell him you can go from what mo bike to no bike. >> got to follow the rules. >> coming up the department of veteran affairs fired its dc medical director again. >> law they used to fire him for the second time in two months. ronica? >> reporter: hey, jim, marina, well, we thought bipartisanship was going to win the day. now republicans making one last ditch effort to repeal and replace on their own. we will break it down coming up after the break. >> then new bill could ban federal agencies from doing business with trump hotels. that's coming up.
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>> here is a look at the headlines at the half, deadly house fire in bethesda, still remains a mystery, investigators have not identify the the man found dead in the basement. another man living there was able to escape, but his connection to the victims still unclear. sources tell fox5, a bunker with tunnels was discovered underneath the home. >> the department of veterans affairs, have fired dc medical director again. this time it, used new law that eases restrictions on employed discipline. brian hawkins dis policed for failure to provide effective leadership. was fired in july, but judge ordered the va to temporarily rehire him in august as part of the appeals process. >> now take a look at the surveillance video, dc police need your help in finding the vehicle of interest, in connection with a stabbing. police say someone stabbed a woman last month in the 100 block of peirce street northwest. taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, if you recognize this vehicle, call
5:33 pm
mark it your calendar, september 30 new un off deadline set to repeal and repair the affordable. >> after the last failed attempt, now disappeared. >> follicle reporter ronica cleary live on the hill with this story, ronica? >> reporter: hey, jim, marina, well, senators cassidy and gram, they've got a bill to repeal and replace obamacare that they would like to see passed by the 30th. so why is the 30th important in well, if they can get it passed by that date, they can do so with a simple majority in the senate. and anything after that will be a lot more complicated, and difficult for them to accomplish. they want to keep this seven year promise to repeal and replace obamacare. but just like we saw with the last effort, republicans are not all immediately on board with the plan. now, senator rand paul, he has been vocal opponent of the cassidy gram sooner rand paul
5:34 pm
>> most recognize, and see exist, with the current affordable care act, and obamacare, but seems like those efforts have been abandoned. now, senator susan cull inch, she is republican, she is reportedly said ending the bipartisan effort, she calls it, disappointing, i spoke with senators warner and van holland from our area two, democrats, about their reaction to why those bipartisan efforts may have been put on the side. take a listen. >> and i think they were very close to making a deal, and i fear that a republican partners there were told not to make a deal, so they can try to ram this
5:35 pm
and -- >> just as we thought we were getting close, you had this last minute push from the trump administration, house republicans, then senate republicans, to try and jam through a new bill that would, again, destroy the affordable care act, and reek havoc on our healthcare system. >> still a lot of uncertainty, waiting to hear from republican senators, who were on the fence last time, and appear to be on the fence this time. senators mccain, mercowski, whether they will vote yes or no. i spoke with senator tim kaine, no vote on there is a democrat from our area about what he would say if he had a minute to sit down with them and ask them to vote no as well. take a listen. >> i would read them the speech that john mccain gave on the floor of the senate in early july, when he came back, we gave him standing ovation. >> you would read john mccain's speech? >> he knows i
5:36 pm
i'm back here, i love this place, but we're not doing what we ought to do. we ought to return to the tried and true way of being senators, have hearings about things, and committees, hear from experts, let members offer amendments back and forth, put a bill on the floor, have vigorous debate. >> reporter: now, news broke today that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell plans to hold a vote on this repeal and replace effort next week. so we will certainly get more answers, as time goes by. reporting live on the hill, ronica cleary, fox5 local news. >> democratic lawmakers want to ban government officials from spending taxpayer money, at trump-owned properties. a few bill introduced called the hotel act seeks to ramp up the oversight of government travel. back in march, president trump's america lag owe estate charged federal officials upward of a thousand dollars for two nights. the lead sponsor of the bill says this proposal would keep federal employees from undue pressure every visiting and spending money at businesses owned by their
5:37 pm
service protection, some members of the president's family and team will no longer have it, donald trump, jr. and his wife, and dropping the agency protection, moves comes as trump junior says he want more privacy. conally got protection after receiving threats, but knows have since dissipated. the secret service is required to protect the president's immediate family unless they're told otherwise. there is good news for hillary clinton, her new book what happened is already breaking records. it sold more than 160,000 hard cover copies making it the best opening sales for any non-fiction book in the last five years. it details mrs. liston's perspective of the campaign and her lost of the presidential election, so far the book has cold 300,000 copies and is near the top of amazon's best seller list since it came out earlier this month. >> coming up: a lot of controversy over homework assignment in asks fifth graders to justify the actions of the kkk. >> heated debate over elementary school books that teach children about transgender's, more on that coming up. hey, brody?
5:38 pm
that is saying the long-term effect of tackle football for kids under 12, we're going to talk to one of the authors that far study, and tell you what the findings were, coming up. >> and we are still dealing with our two tropical systems out there. we may for awhile. we've got maria moving north of puerto rico, back into open waters as category two hurricane, jose no long area hurricane, still tropical, but sitting and spinning in the same spot as it has the past couple every days. it will be interesting into next week. how are these going to interact? how will it affect us? could still be dealing with jose's impacts next week, all details coming up in your seven day forecast right after the break. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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underway, now renewed concerns about letting your kids play. there's a new study emphasizes the risk of developing brain damage and we're talking about behavioral and emotional impairment >> should parents keep kids off of the field >> brody logan is live at the recreation center. what's going on behind you, brody. >> reporter: we actually have one group of kids the older kids ten to 11-year-olds about to go to a game, we have the younger kids about to have a practice, you see them suiting up right now. this is a study done by boston and found these are the age groups most impacted studied over 214 people who played football previously in life and they found those who played before the age of 12, tackle before the age of 12. had higher rates of behavioral issues and cognitive issues, also they found triple the rates of depression in people who
5:43 pm
actually, one of the doctors authors of this study, dr. michael lonzo spoke about the results >> there's something specific about hitting your head over and over again at a young age and this idea of disrupting normal brain development. >> reporter: as you can see, the empty reheights soldiers are pretty hyped up for the game and it should be noted. it's not just tackle football. the doctors found that any kind of contact sports. where the head is impacted soccer hockey, those are the same rates. before seventh or eighth grade stick to flag football, not tackle but like anything, it could be soccer. it could be tackle football. accidents are going to happen, things will happen, try to keep the head out of the game, out of tackle, and it can be any sport. but these findings are pretty stark and the effects later in
5:44 pm
life. these are people studied them since kids all the way until the 50's >> if anybody knows the effects it's boston university and those research studies they've done. brody, thanks. we are talking the tropics and we got jose, close but not impacting fully. and we're seeing back into open waters, puerto rico on the south side of that hurricane and they're getting torrential rain. it continues as we head to tonight before maria pulls away and they will get a little bit of a break to access the damage. which has been extensive. is it late august or what? we're making up for the wet and cool kind of end to august here in the end of sent. we do still have the probable systems, here's jose as you take a look at this satellite imagery . the center of this storm well, well offshore, but the clouds and
5:45 pm
heights continue from the coast of main to the coast of new jersey and jose is stuck. really not expected to move much. here's maria going back 12 hours. you can see the actual center of the circulation of the eye making landfall in the southeast coast of the puerto rico. that eye gets torn up quickly once it moves across land but not before lashing san juan where the highest winds within this storm occur and there were wind gusts over 100 miles an hour mostly passed offshore, but you're wrapped in this turkey but mainly torrential rain and we see the threat of mud slides with that. maria weakened but after crossing puerto rico, it is a r category 2 storm. central pressure up to the 57 million bars. maria could
5:46 pm
affect anyone as it restrain he thinks coming close to turks and caicos. and this will take you to monday, it's in the open atlantic still as a hurricane. now, jose is still going to be just north of maria as some sort of post tropical something, but it's a system nonetheless as we get into next week, those two could kind of interact a bit and bring clouds and shower to the accident midatlantic as well. as high surf and rip currents, that's what we're watching into next week, hard to believe we have to wait that long. temperatures are in the 80's, 87 and ten degrees above normal much of the area. is jose continue to weaken and locally we're looking at a another sunny hot day. we'll do that through the weekend and into early next week, temperatures ten, to 15 degrees above normal, i'm sure we'll hit 90 at some point whether that's tomorrow or over the weekend. fall begins friday, look at that tuesday and wednesday, we're seeing
5:47 pm
could be the effects of jose, maria, a hybrid of the two, impacts look minimal but we're watching that for our area early next week, jim and marina. a local spa a remains in the headlines, krysten leon following this. >> reporter: more disturbing details involving a 24-year-old massage therapist accused of inappropriately touching a female client of his, coming up we'll break the details down now, plus let you know what else he's now accused of doing.
5:48 pm
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. . the suspect faces charges for an incident on august 28 and and as recently at last sunday. krysten leon is live in tenleytown with the latest on this, kristen what do we know? >> reporter: jim and marina, the story gets more and me
5:51 pm
we told you on monday, we reported that 24-year-old has that habtamu gebreslassie is accused of inappropriately touching a female client inappropriately touching her genitals, now he faces a new set of charges on top of the initial charge of first degree sexual abuse of a patient or client. we learned according to dc police, that another incident of alleged sexual abuse took place inside this massage envy, like you said on august 28. i want to go over these details for you. according to the charging documents, gebreslassie tried to inappropriately touch a client of his during his massage session. now, what's incriminating here about this is that the charging documents say -- and i quote -- gebreslassie knew that his victim was incapable of praising the nature of the conduct, incapable in that sexual act and incapable of communicating
5:52 pm
unwillingness, this is the latest coming out of this investigation, two separate incidents, both involving gebreslassie. one occurring on august 28 of him accused of inappropriately -- or trying to attempt to inappropriately touch one of his clients, and the one recently that we told you on september 17th of him inappropriately touching another client of his. both according to those charges documents involving the genitals, gebreslassie will appear in court tomorrow. and will appear for his preliminary hearing, so of course, we will let you know what happens there, and if anything else does develop, for now, reporting live in northwest this evening, krysten leon, fox 5 local news ♪ ♪. center of comedian kevin hart's sexual scandal is speaking out. she said she didn't know there were cameras videotaping the two in a las vegas hotel room >> her attorney is saying someone snuck cameras reporting both, they're now reporting
5:53 pm
>> i'm not an extortionist, a stripper. i'm a recording artist and actress and i have not broken any laws. i had nothing to do with the recordings. i hired lisa bloom to protect my rights. i'm truly sorry for any invo i had in this >> she's the victim of multiple felonies under state and federal law >> her attorney is not seeking money but wants justice for being a victim of a crime. fifth grade south carolina teacher is out of the classroom following a controversial h assignment >> the assignment said you remember the kkk, why do you think your treatment of african-americans is justified? the school is investigating fifth grade standards and they require lesses on reconstruction and groups like the kkk but insists this will not be used again. they be taught about tr
5:54 pm
came out and the book wrote a book. upset parents demanding answers as to why they were never told about the idea ahead of time >> there should have an opt out procedure in there by me, able to know from the teachers what is going on in the classroom. we received e-mails about parking and everything under the sun, this shouldn't be an issue. of people that are, those others who aren't like me. the cycle has to be broken somewhere. the best place for that process to start is with our youngest children, so they don't ever learn, you know, to hate >> the school board said moving forward it will all
5:55 pm
a new provision will require teachers to notify parents had in advance. and when it comes to dating online, there's plenty of filters to help you find the right match >> a few feature will help connect planned parenthood users. if they say no, they will get a badge that says i stand with planned parenthood. >> cupid hopes it will make it easier to connect with people with similar political views. fox 5 news at 6:00 coming up. what you got, tony >> we got a story for you pretty interesting, nurses are under fire for inappropriately handling newborn babies, we've got shocking images that have them out of a job tonight. we'll tell you about that at 6:00. coming up, should animals have rights when a judge decide in a case in a selfie taken by among key who picked up a photographer's camera.
5:56 pm
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
5:59 pm
. a selfie taken by a monkey. attorneys have reached a settlement >> the picture was taken in 2011, among key took a photographer's camera and snapped this selfie, and that's when pita stepped in defending the legal rights of nonhumans. attorneys reached a deal yesterday where the photographer would donate 25% of future profits to an animal rights charity. tony and shawn standing by for your news at 6:00. >> it begins now. ♪ ♪ this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. first at 6:00, a second woman is coming forward claiming she was also sexual assaulted while getting a massage at this dc spa. live with the new allegations. se a.
6:00 pm
continues after a massive earthquake does major damage in parts of mexico. off the job for the second time. the embattled director of the va medical hospital once again fired from his post. and speed trap capitol. concerns can growing about how much money speed cameras are raking in. the news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ ♪. and up first tonight, fox 5 is staying on top of two big stories out of the district. first, we've learned the department of veteran affairs has once again fired its dc medical director >> more sexual assault allegations against a massage therapist who worked at a spa in northwest dc. krysten leon is live in tenleytown to get us started. kristen? >> reporter: shawn and tony on monday, we reported to you that 24-year-old habtamu gebreslassie, the massage therapist here at this massage envy, is accused of


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